Railway Products

सेल रेल उत्पाद
Railway Products
Product Application
Rail (Carbon-Manganese ; 90 UTS) Railway tracks all over the country
High YS / UTS Rail (V/Nb Micro- alloyed) Heavy haulage, high density railway tracks
Corrosion Resistant Micro Alloyed Rail For use in corrosion prone regions, mainly coastal areas
Vanadium Alloyed High Strength (100 UTS) Rail Heavy haulage, high density railway tracks developed for Dedicated Freight Corridor
End Forged Thick Web Asymmetric Rail For manufacture of switches
High Conductivity Rail (Rimming Quality) High conductivity Rail or Third Rail for Metro Rail, made through Rimming process
Crane Rails For Industrial EOT cranes.
Rail 15 Kg, 30 Kg & 45 Kg For collieries and other purposes.
Crossing Sleeper Bar For use at Railway crossings
Specifications IRS T12 2009, Gr 880 Class A & B, Prime Quality IRS 52 & UIC 60 K.G. UIC 860 0 2008/900 A (UIC 60) & EN 13674 2011/R 260 (60E1) Crane Rail 80, 100 and 120.
Length in metre 10-13m, 24-26m, Long Rail Panel 130m, 260m