SAIL Blooms, Billets, Slabs


Specification Applications
IS 2830 Re-rolling into structurals, rounds and rebars
IS 2831 Commercial grade for re-rolling into structurals and rounds
SAE 1070 Manufacture of tractor discs
EN 8, EN 9 Forging purposes
IS 1875 40C8/50C8/55C8
SAIL Tower Re-rolling into structurals for TLT segment
SAILMA 350 Re-rolling into high tensile structurals
20 Mn Cr 5 Case hardening steel for automobile gear
SWR -EQ (IS: 2879) Welding electrodes, welding m/c wires
SWR -14 Re-rolling into wire rods
SWR-SD Strips wire mesher
SAIL HCR Re-rolling into high corrosion resistant rebars
SAIL HCR-EQR Re-rolling into high corrosion and earthquake resistant rebars
SAIL Boron Tractor disc
Spring Steel/Sup 11A/Sup-9 Helical /Leaf Springs, Rail Clips
Chain Steel Chain links
High Carbon Wire rope, cycle spoke, tyre bead etc.
ASTM A 105 Pipe Flanges