Durgapur Steel Plant

Community & Development

The abode of steelmen

The Durgapur Steel Plant township is spread over a sprawling 40 kms and has more than 25,000 dwelling units. And it has housing facilities for the employees of DSP, ASP and other business associates. The other amenities include schools, both primary and secondary, a modern 640 beds hospital with modern medical facilities, the picturesque park, a number of cultural centres, a stadium with a sitting capacity of 15,000, etc.

Peripheral Development

Contribution to the region's development

Over the years, it has contributed in a major way for providing tube well facilities in the water-scarce peripheral areas. Another notable contribution has been the efforts taken towards enlightenment of the region through up-gradation or additions to educational facilities in basically rural areas surrounding the steel township. It has also assisted in developing roads and other facilities.

Durgapur Steel Plant has played a major role in encouraging and developing small-scale industries in the region.