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Bokaro Steel Plant - the fourth integrated plant in the Public Sector - started taking shape in 1965 in collaboration with the Soviet Union. It was originally incorporated as a limited company on 29th January 1964, and was later merged with SAIL, first as a subsidiary and then as a unit, through the Public Sector Iron & Steel Companies (Restructuring & Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1978. The construction work started on 6th April 1968.

The Plant is hailed as the country’s first Swadeshi Steel Plant, built with maximum indigenous content in terms of equipment, material and know-how. Its first Blast Furnace started on 2nd October 1972 and the first phase of 1.7 MT Ingot steel was completed on 26th February 1978 with the commissioning of the third Blast Furnace. All units of 4 MT stage have already been commissioned and the modernisation taken subsequently has further upgraded this to 4.65 MT of liquid steel.


Bokaro is designed to produce flat products like Hot Rolled Coils, Hot Rolled Plates, Hot Rolled Sheets, Cold Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Sheets, Tin Mill Black Plates (TMBP) and Galvanised Plain and Corrugated (GP/GC) Sheets. Bokaro Steel has provided a strong raw material base for a variety of modern engineering industries including automobile, pipe and tube, LPG cylinder, barrel and drum producing industries.


People - The moving force

Bokaro Steel values its people as the fulcrum of all organisational activities. The saga of Bokaro Steel is the story of Bokaroans erecting a gigantic plant in the wilderness of Chotanagpur, reaching milestones one after another, staving off stiff challenges in the liberalised era, modernising its facilities and innovating their way to the top of the heap.


Bokaro Steel is working towards becoming a one-stop-shop for world-class flat steel in India. The modernisation plans are aimed at increasing the liquid steel production capacity, coupled with fresh rolling and coating facilities. The new facilities will be capable of producing the most premium grades required by the most discerning customer segments.

Brand Bokaro will signify assured quality and delivery, offering value for money to the customers.

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