सेल एचआर कॉइल और शीट्स

SAIL HR Coils & Sheets
सेल एचआर कॉइल और शीट्स
Major Specifications Applicaton
IS 10748 Grades 1,2,3,4,5 Tube & Pipe Making
IS 11513 Grades CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4 IS 11513 CR4/SAIL SOFT For Cold Rolling Purpose
IS 2062 Grades E 250 IS 2062 Grades E 300, E 350, E 410 E 450 (SAILMA 300 to 450) General Structural and Engineering Application
IS 2062 Grades with Copper SAILCOR/IRSM-41 Manufacturing of Corrosion Resistant Engineering Products (Segments Wagon Building, Railways etc.)
IS 1079 Grade HRO, HR1, HR2, HR3, HR4 Drawing, forming & General Engineering Purposes
IS 6240 For Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders
EN 10120, JIS G 3116 (SAIL High Strength LPG) Export Quality LPG Cylinders
IS 15914 Lighter (Thinner) Cylinders
HSFO Grades IS 5986 ISH410LA HSFQ350 IS 5986 ISH500LA HSFQ450 IS 5986 ISH550LA HSFQ500 IS 5986 ISH600LA HSFQ550 Auto Components and Pre Engineered Building (PEB) Sections (For Forming at Ambient Temperature)
SAIL FORMING Grades IS 5986 ISH410S SAILFORM 250 IS 5986 ISH430LA SAILFORM 350 IS 5986 ISH540OR SAILFORM 410 IS 5986 ISH600 LA SAILFORM 550 IS 5986 ISH500 LA SAILFORM 450 Auto Components (For Forming at high Temperature Hot Forming)
BSK 46/E 46, E-38, E34 Fabriction of Long and Cross Members for LCV,MCV and HCV
IS 5986 Grade ISH 290S, 330S, 360S, 410S Flanging and Forming Purpose
Medium carbon grades (SAIL MC 40/45/50/60) SAE 1040/1045/1055 Chains, Hair Clip, sprocket, Clutch Plate, Hacksaw Blade etc.
SAE 1012 Manufacturing of Wheel Disk and Cold Formed Products
SAE 1020 Manufacturing of Propeller Shaft
SAE 1541 Manufacturing of Fork and Spokes for Two Wheelers
SAILRIM Grade 1,2 & 3 Manufacturing of Cycle Rimes
API 5L Grades B, X42, X46, X52, X56 X60 (PSL1/2) Manufacturing of Pipes mostly for Oil and Gas sector


SAIL HR Coils & Sheets