विद्युत स्टील्स

Electrical Steels
विद्युत स्टील्स
Insulation Designation Type of Coating Coating Thickness (Microns) Applications
C-0 Natural NIL Fractional horsepower motors and relays, small communication power transformers and reactors.
C-3 Organic 2-3 Air/Oil cooled medium size power and distribution transformers, medium sized continuous duty, rotating electrical machinery
C-3 Organic 4-6 Medium sized continuous duty high efficiency rotating electrical machinery.
C-6 Semi-organic 0.8-1.5 Applications requiring stress-relief anneal and burn-off treatment. Extremely useful for stamped laminations of hermetically sealed compressors used in refrigeration system

BIS Specification - IS : 648

Standard Width
The standard width of CRNO Coils is 1000mm, Other sizes are negotiable

Coil Weight
upto 6 tonnes

Standard thickness
0.5 mm

Electrical Steels