The particulars of Bhilai Steel Plant’s organization, functions and duties

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Particulars of Bhilai Steel Plant, Organization, Functions and Duties


Eleven times winner of Prime Minister's Trophy for Best Integrated Steel Plant in the country, and two times winner of coveted CII-Exim Bank Prize for Business Excellence, SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) is India's sole producer & supplier of world class rails for Indian Railways including 260 metre long Welded Rail Panels, and a major producer of large variety of wide and heavy steel plates and structural steel. With an annual production capacity of 3.153 MT of saleable steel, the plant also specializes in other products such as wire rods and merchant products. The entire range of TMT products (Bars & Rods) produced by the Plant is of earthquake-resistant grade and superior quality. The plant also produces heavy structurals including channels and beams.

Since BSP is accredited with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Standard, all saleable products of Plant come under the ISO umbrella. The Plant's HR Deptt is also certified with ISO 9001:  2008 QMS Standard. IS0:14001 has been awarded for Environment Management System in the Plant, Township and Dalli Mines. The Plant is accredited with SA: 8000 certification for social accountability and the OHSAS-18001 certification for Occupational Health & Safety.

BSP has received Integrated Management System (IMS) Certificate by a single certifying agency (M/s DNV), integrating QMS, EMS, OHSAS & SAMS - becoming the first SAIL unit and among few corporate houses in India to achieve this unique distinction.

Known for their unique collaborative work culture and industrial harmony, Bhilaians have won many awards and accolades bringing pride and glory to Bhilai Steel Plant. The BSP employees have won Prime Minister ShramRatn Award 13 times out of 19 times it has been awarded so far. BSP has been also awarded CII-ITC sustainability Prize for three consecutive years, CREDA excellence Award in the category of Integrated Steel Plants at State Level Sustainable Energy Awards – 2016 and prestigious SCOPE Award for Best Practices in Human Resource Management. Recognizing BSP’s contribution towards taking care of its senior citizen, BSP has achieved the rare distinction of winning Vayoshrestha Samman which was accorded by Ministry of Social Justice.

Product Portfolio:

LONG Rails 45 Kg,52 Kg & 60 Kg UTS 90 Rail Thick web Asymmetrical Rail, Crane Rails.Ni-Cu-Cr / Vanadium Rail / Cu-Mo Rail
Heavy, Medium & Light Structural Beams, Channels & Angles of different sizes & grades
Rounds & Bars Plain Rounds TMT Bars (25 mm to 40 mm) in Earth Quake  resistant, High Corrosion resistant and Rock Bolt Grades
Wire Rods 5.5 mm to 12 mm (Plain and TMT)
FLAT Plates 8 mm to 120 mm thick  including Boiler Quality,   High Tensile & Ship Building quality etc.

Main Technologies and Assets

BSP uses Blast Furnace technology for iron making. In addition to producing ingot steel through conventional Open Hearth route of steel making, BSP produces continuously cast steel slabs and blooms through Slab and Bloom Casters. The CONCAST route of steel making is also equipped with secondary refining units like Vacuum Arc Degassing (VAD) and RH Degasser to produce the clean steel. These cast products are rolled into long and flat products through Rolling Mills which include Blooming and Billet Mill (BBM), Wire Rod Mill (WRM), Merchant Mill (MMill), Rail and Structural Mill (R&SM) and Plate Mill (PMill).

The technology has been upgraded and updated with every modernization and expansion and also through continual assimilation of state of the art technology for product and process improvements. The Plant also has degassers and desulphurization units for producing world class cleanest steel with Hydrogen in rail steel less than 1.6 ppm. The ongoing 7 MT Modernization and Expansion (MODEX) Plan envisages installation of cutting edge technologies for improvement in productivity, yield, quality, cost competitiveness, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our world-class long rail manufacturing complex has sophisticated technologies viz. Online Eddy Current & Ultrasonic Testing Machines for Rails, Laser Straightness Measurement, Laser Controlled Presses for Rails, etc.  Plate Mill also has advanced facilities for ensuring high product quality such as – Online Ultrasonic Testing Machine, Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control (HAGC), Plan View Rolling (PVR), Normalizing Furnaces, etc.

A snapshot of the production facilities is as shown below:

Mines and Quarries for ·Iron Ore: Dalli and Rajhara Mines ·Limestone: Nandini Mines ·Dolomite: Hirri Mines Steel Making Shop - II: Converter Shop: ·3 BOF 110/130T Converters ·Hot Metal Desulphurization Unit ·Secondary Refining facilities: 1 VAD unit, 2 sets of RH degasser, Ladle furnace ØContinuous Casting Shop ·3 Slab casters, 1 bloom caster, 2 Combi Caster
Coke Oven Batteries: 11 Nos ·8 batteries of 4.3 m height with 65 ovens each ·2 batteries of 7 m height with 67 ovens each ·1 batteryof  7 m height with 67 ovens
Blast Furnaces: 7 Nos ·3 Blast Furnaces each of 1033 cu.m ·3 Blast Furnaces each of 1719 cu.m ·1 Blast furnace of 2350 cu.m Finishing Mills: ·Blooming and Billet Mill, 2.14mT of Blooms / 1.50 MT of Billets per year ·Plate Mill  -  0.95 MTPA ·Wire Rod Mill - 0.42 MTPA ·Rail & Structural Mill - 0.75 MTPA ·Merchant Mill - 0.5 MTPA Auxiliary Units: ·Three Power Plants- ·PP1  (Captive) ·PP2  and PP3 in joint venture with NTPC ·Foundry & Engineering Shops ·2 Coal Chemicals units for recovery of various by-products from coal carbonization
Sinter Plants: ·SP2: 3 machines of 75 sq.mmachine area ·SP2: 1 Machine of 80 sq.m machine area ·SP3: 1 machine of 320 sq.mmachine area ·SP3: 1 machine of 360sq.mmachine area
Steel Melting Shop -I: ·4 Twin Hearth Furnaces, 250 T capacity each

Modernization and Expansion Projects

BSP is on verge of completion of its ambitious modernization and expansion plan which will enable BSP to achieve the following long term Strategic Goals:

  • To achieve excellence in quality across the value chain
  • To continue in the business of steel and steel related activities
  • To enhance market share in growth segments
  • To improve profits by cost reduction and high value added products
  • To secure availability of key raw materials, and alleviate infrastructure bottleneck which may constrain long term growth

The fast upcoming units in MODEX, including COB 11 and 2nd Sinter Machine in SP 3 that have been commissioned and some including Universal Rail Mill and Blast Furnace 8 which have already been operationalised, will not only enhance the volume of production at BSP to 7 MT but will also enhance its techno-economics to benchmark levels.

Processes Current Technology Portfolio Highlights of upcoming Modernization and Expansion Plan
Unit Automation Benefits
Coke Making Coke Ovens (4.3 m tall – 8 nos., 2 x 7 m tall – 2 nos.) with wet quenching of Coke Coke Oven Battery # 11 – 7 M tall with Dry Quenching Oven Tracking & scheduling, Model for heating control Less moisture in Coke, Energy efficient and environment friendly
Iron Making Blast Furnace technology for Iron making (Useful volume: 1033 m3 -3 nos., 1719 m3-3 nosand  2350 m3 -1 nos) Blast Furnace # 8 4060m3 with Torpedo ladles and Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Mathematical models for BF Status and Burden Control Energy efficiency, Optimum Control, Enhanced Productivity
Steel Making Ingot steel through conventional Twin Hearth route of steelmaking – 46.5 %, Continuous Castings (CONCAST) steel through BOF route of steelmaking - 53.5 %, Secondary Refining Steel Melting Shop –III with built in Electromagnetic Stirrer and state-of-art secondary refining Integration with Production Order, Automatic Tracking of Production & consumption of resources against production orders Sound internal quality of billet and bloom, Improved quality, Better Inventory Control, Availability of Production Performance Analysis and Real-time Production & Process Status.
Finishing Mills ·Blooming and Billet Mill with recuperative soaking pits ·Rail and Structural Mill ·Merchant Mill ·Wire Rod Mill ·Plate Mill with Normalizing Furnace Universal Rail Mill with State-of-art Rail Straightening Plant, Walking Beam Re-Heating Furnace Rail Welding Plant Product Tracking with Identification Integration with Production Order State-of-art Inspection technology Optimum rail straightening, Better rail head hardening, Furnace designed to achieve minimum fuel and power consumption, Achieve superior surface finish and close tolerances, 260 m rail with only one weld joint
Bar and Rod Mill - State-of-art mill with advanced systems & Walking Beam RHF Product Tracking with Identification Integration with Production Order Auto charging& discharging State of art features for better product Better Inventory Control

Post-modernization, the capacity of BSP would be enhanced to 7.5 MTPA of hot metal & 7 MTPA crude steel. Some of the major Projects which have been commissioned include – Coke Oven battery # 11, Second Sinter Machine of SP#3, while the 1.25 MTPA Universal Rail Mill was operationalised in Jan 2017 and 4060 M3 Blast Furnace christened Mahamaya was operationalised in Feb 2018. After the commissioning of all MODEX units, BSP will be equipped to produce New Age Products like:

  • Asymmetric Switch Point Rails, Grooved and Tongue Rails, Flat bottom Rails
  • Climate Resistant And Low alloy Heavy Structural Steel
  • Special Steel & Normalized Plates
  • Wire rods – Bright bar, Cold heading, Spring Steel, Free Cutting Steel
  • TMT Bars in straight length
  • Climate Resistant Quality Angles and Channels

The process flow at BSP is as shown in Figure below:


New Product Development Process

BSP continuously strives to improve its existing products in line with one of the Quality Goals of providing differentiated products to customers. The opportunities for new product development are identified through enquiries, customer visits, competitor’s product, market trends and requirement of National importance and strategic significance. This approach has facilitated in meeting the newer and anticipated requirements of customers.  For creation of value for the customers pre-emptive  trials are undertaken based on customer’s enquiries  to assess the feasibility of developing newer products and to enable immediate supply of products on maturity of enquiry.

To provide customized products to customers at competitive price, and to increase product margins, BSP has been making concerted efforts to develop product grades which has the desired properties without addition of costly alloying materials. In fact, value addition in product mix and development of new and customized products including steel plates and long products which would fetch better margins and at the same create a niche position has always been a major strength of SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant.

While the Plant’s strategy of new product development has helped put BSP in a strong position vis-à-vis competition, the Government of India’s special emphasis and thrust on Manufacturing and Make in India would help drive demand for special steel plates and structural steel grades produced by the Plant and in the process help in import substitution. SAIL-BSP is proud of having provided the best and desired grades of steel for the Indian Railways, for dams, bridges and skyscrapers and for critical & important projects of national importance in defence, energy sector, space exploration etc.

BSP has developed products like DMR 249A plates for building first Indegeneuous AirCraft Carrier. This is now being used in Corvettes as well. In addition BSP has also developed wide variety of Rails including Thick Web assymetric Rails, which is an import substitution and angles / channels for Border Fencing to be used under sub-zero temperature.

The following new & differentiated products were developed during 2016-17 :