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SAIL has been an active participant in the National RCH programme across all since 1995. All SAIL hospitals have participated in the National RCH program. SAIL is also participating in other National Health Programmes like National Tuberculosis Program, anti-Malaria, Anti Leprosy Program etc. There are 20 hospitals including 4 state-of-art hospitals situated throughout the country having a total strength of around 4000 beds for the benefit of employees, their dependents and the peripheral population and are managed by trained medical staff of around 4000 people. Various welfare activities under as part of Reproductory and Child Health Care (RCH) are

No. of Tubectomy (female) No. of Vasectomy (male) Total No. of deliveries Total no. of Immunisation doses
2001-02 11,410 305 11,713 1,32,011
2002-03 11,077 478 10,931 1,12,883
2003-04 9,953 394 11,965 1,10,866
2004-05 10,894 508 11,600 1,44,470
2005-06 12,643 1,610 10,097 1,04,453
2006-07 (H1) 1,381 120 5,086 49,467

SAIL has promoted the Government’s Small Family Norms. A scheme for promoting small family norms have been in place since 1994. In the scheme for promoting family planning, an incentive of Rs. 400 is being provided for a tubectomy operation; Rs. 500 for a vasectomy operation and Rs. 50 to family planning motivator for each case. These incentives are being provided to both employees and non-employees and these are over and above the incentives being given by the Government. Also, there is a scheme for employees with two or less children, in which Rs. 2000/- are given to an employee ( or spouse) for a sterilization operation.

Family WelfareVarious Health camps have been organized at hospitals of all plant/units like Tuberculosis Camp, Anti Leprocy Camp etc. To combat the threat of Tuberculosis and Leprocy, DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment) therapy and Anti Leprocy MDT has been made available free of cost at all Primary Health Centres etc. SAIL has launched HIV/AIDS awareness and control program in partnership with National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Till date about Rs.32 million have been received for implementing the policies of NACP-II in all plants/units. Till date, 1.1 Lakhs employees and around 6 Lakhs non-employees have been covered under Information, Education & Communication (IEC) Awareness Campaign. SAIL has launched School AIDS Education Programme covering 111 schools, 3000 teachers and 35,000 students.