Plants and Units


Captive mines

Iron-Ore - Dalli-Rajhara Iron Ore Complex, 80 kms from Bhilai
Limestone - Nandini, 23 kms from Bhilai
Dolomite - Hirri, 150 kms from Bhilai

Coke Ovens

Batt No. No. of ovens Oven Height(M) Coal Holding Capacity Per Oven (T) Coal Holding Capacity Per Oven (T) Sp.Heat Conspn. Kcal/Kg
1-8 65 4.3 16.8 21.6 625-675
9 & 10 67 7.0 32.0 41.6 625-675
11 67 7.0 32.0 41.6 550-600

Blast Furnaces

  • 3 of 1033 Cu m capacity each
  • 3 of 1719 Cu m capacity each
  • 1 of 2355 Cu m capacity

Hot Metal Capacity : 4.70 MT / year

Steel Melting Shop

Steel-making through BOF, VAD/Ladle Furnace/RH-Degasser and Continuous casting route

  • 3 converters of 110/130 T
  • VAD unit, 2 RH degasser,2 Ladle furnace
  • 4 Slab Casters, 1 bloom caster, 1 Combi caster

Annual Capacity: 1.425 MT Cast steel

Converter Shop :

  • 3 BOF 110/130 T Convertors
  • Secondary Refining facilities : 1 VAD unit, 2 RH degassers, 2 Ladle furnaces, 1 Desulphurisation Unit

Continuous Casting Shop: 4 Slab Casters, 1bloom caster, 1Combi caster

Steel-making through Twin Hearth Furnace (THF) route :

  • 4 THFs of 250 T capcity each
  • Annual capacity 2.5 MT ingot steel

Blooming & Billet Mill

  • 14 pairs of recuperative soaking pits
  • Capacity to produce 2.14 MT/year of blooms
  • Capacity to produce 1.50 MT/year of billets

Rail & Structural Mill

Capacity - 7,50,000 T


  • Rails - R52 Kg/m & R60 Kg/m ; UTS 880 N/mm2 rails as per IRST-12/96 specifications , Euronorms and international standards.
  • Thick web asymmetric rail Zu 1-60
  • Beams - 600,500,450,400,350,300 & 250.
  • Channels - 400,300 & 250.
  • Angles - 200 & 150.
  • Crossing Sleeper.
  • Crane Rails - KP80, 100,120 & 140.
  • Bhilai is the sole supplier of the country's longest rail tracks of 260 metres.

Bhilai Rails

  • Largest producer and leading rail maker of the world.
  • Four and a half decades of experience in rail making.
  • Produced over 15 million tonnes of rails; 2.7 lakh km in length.
  • Indian Railways- World’s second largest rail company moves exclusively on Bhilai rails.
  • Bhilai rails are subjected to world’s highest traffic density and axle loads.
  • Rails exported to 10 countries with exports to South Korea, New Zealand, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Ghana, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Technological Superiority

  • Steel from LD Convertor – Ladle furnace - RH Degasser – Concast route; achieving world best level of degassing/refining to less than 1.5 ppm of hydrogen in liquid steel in 100% of heats.
  • Capability to produce as rolled lengths of 80 meter and welded panels upto 260 meters
  • High degree of Straightness due to world’s most advanced and Laser straightness measurement based end straightening machine.
  • World class tested rails passing through state of art online NDT equipment; Laser straightness measurement, Ultrasonic and eddy current testing machines
  • Computer controlled automatic rail handling system and automatic yard mapping for rail storage.
  • Computerised Rail Tracking system for collection and storage of all process and testing related data of each rail.

Bhilai Rails- Universally Certified

  • RDSO, Indian Railways
  • RITES Ltd
  • ISO-9001-2000 certified by LRQA (Lloyds Register Quality Assurance)
  • ISO 14000 certified by BIS
  • Crown Agents, London
  • General Superintendence Company, Geneva
  • Lloyds Register Of Shipping
  • Robert W Hunt & Company
  • Overseas Merchandise Inspection Company, Tokyo
  • Egyptian Railways Inspection Team
  • Tuboscope Vetco Gmbh, Deutcheland

Bhilai’s Special Purpose Rails

  • Copper Molybdenum Corrosion resistant rails
  • High yield strength/ UTS vanadium micro-alloyed rails
  • High conductivity metro rails
  • Copper-Chromium alloyed High strength Rails

Merchant Mill

Capacity - 5,00,000 Tonnes


  • Plain Rounds : dia 28, 32, 36,40, 50,53, 56, 63 & 67
  • TMT Bars : 25,28, 32, 36, 40 & 45
  • Lt. Structurals :Channel 100 x 50, 75 x 40
  • Angles : 50 x 50 x 5 upwards to 90 x 90 x 10

* Customised product campaigns are being taken up for shorter durations in case of light structurals and rounds for compliance of smaller quantity orders as per committed delivery within the month.

Wire Rod Mill 
Capacity - 4,20,000 T

  • Wire Rods (Plain, Electrode Quality & TMT) in 5.5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 mm plain and ribbed, and 12 mm plain in coil form
  • 8, 10, and 12 mm TMT

Plate Mill

Capacity - 9,50,000 T
Plates thickness - 8-120 mm
Width - 1500-3270 mm
Length - 5-12.5 M

The modern Plate Mill rolls out heavy and medium plates, as well as those for pipe manufacturers. Plates of wide variety, in any required size, and strength, chemical and physical properties, can be produced here. It has capacity to produce high pressure, boiler quality and high tensile steels. Shipbuilding plates, conforming to Lloyds specifications, and pressure vessel boiler plates, conforming to various ASTM, ASME standards, have withstood the challenges of nature and time. Some of the unique features of the mill are on-line finishing facilities and off-line normalising facilities. Bhilai has the widest plate mill in the country, and it uses continuously cast slabs as input. Liquid steel produced under controlled conditions in the LD Converters is rinsed with argon gas to homogenise the composition as well as to remove non-metallic inclusions before continuous casting so as to ensure the production of high quality feedstock for the Plate Mill. As per customers' requirement or specifications, plates are normalised in a roller hearth normalising furnace.

New Products

To cater to the changing needs of the customers and to increase the market share, various new products were developed and commercialised through process improvement and R & D. BSP’s Mission of developing 12 product grades in a year, that is, at least one New / Customised grade each month, has again been accomplished with the development of 12 products in the Financial year 2014-15. The list of the new product grades developed and rolled in FY 15 are as under -

  • IS 2062- E250 B0 GRADE CHANNEL-400
  • Ø 10 MM IS 1786 Fe 415 ‘S’(SEISMIC) WRC
  • IS 1786 TMT Fe 550 D, 36 MM RE-BARS
  • IS 2062 E410 B0 GRADE(SK) CHANNEL 100X100X50 MM
  • IS 2062 E250 BR (SEMI KILLED) ANGLE 65X65X8 MM

The Cutting Edge Processes

Steel Making

Vacuum Arc Degassing: This unit ensures production of low sulphur steel with lower gas contents. Precise control of casting temperature, composition and improved steel cleanliness is achieved.

RH Degasser(2nos): A 130 T capacity RH (Ruhrstahi Heraus) Degassing Unit was installed mainly to remove hydrogen from rail steel. All rail heat produced in SMS-II have hydrogen level < 1.5 ppm.

Ladle Furnace(2nos): It is installed to process steel to reduce diversion due to chemistry and to process cold heats or return heats. The 130 T furnace also has benefits like reduction in tapping temperature of BOF, improvement in lining life of BOF, etc. It acts as a buffer between BOF & CCM for holding the heats, reduce consumption of ferro-alloys, carbonisers and deoxidiser and produce a cleaner steel.

Desulphurisation Unit : This has been installed to reduce hot metal sulphur for better steel-making

Finishing Mill

  • On line Ultrasonic testing machine in Plate Mill. 
  • Mandatory on-line testing of API grade plates. 
  • 100% scanning and edge testing of all plate surfaces.
  • Automatic thickness gauge and HAGC 
  • Better quality assurance 
  • Better dimensional and profile control 
  • Improvement in yield by 2%.
  • Computerised tracking of plates in Plate Mill
  • Plant-wide fiber optic cable networking

Environment Management

A conscious corporate citizen, BSP has accorded the highest priority to taking effective measures in the areas of resource conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction and conversion of waste to wealth. Effective monitoring and analysis has ensured that BSPs compliance is well within the regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001 certification hasbeen implemented in the entire Plant & township as well as in Dalli Mines. The plant has introduced environment friendly coal dust injection system in the Blast Furnaces, de-dusting system and electrostatic precipitators in other units. Besides, Clean Development Mechanisms for green house gas reduction, BSP has taken up the replacement of Ozone Depleting Substance CTC, aided by UNDP. The specific water consumption in BSP at 3.04 cu.m per tonne of crude steel in 2007-08 is one of the lowest in the country.

For the first time, BSP has earned Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER), a kind of carbon credit for two of its environment-friendly projects inside the Plant. The projects, namely 'SP-3 waste heat recovery system' & 'Thyristerisation of last Furnace # 3 & 4 skip hoist electric supply' have been certified under VER by M/s. RINA, Italy. This will enable BSP to claim revenues for 9,74,743 Tonnes of Co2 Emission reductions till 2007-08, from the international VER market. These projects will also earn revenues on an average of 1,65,000 T of Co2 reductions every year till the completion of 10 year accounting period in each case.

Abiding by Corporate Responsibility for Environment Protection (CREP) guidelines & monitoring mechanism, Bhilai has also taken adequate steps to check fugitive emissions from Coke Ovens. It has installed Air cooled self sealing doors in Battery-3, resulting in significant reduction in door emissions. At Battery #7, water sealed AP caps and Pusher car with door cleaning mechanism has been introduced.

Green City

Contrary to the popular perception about industrial townships being dirty and polluted, a green canopy covers the township. A green-fingered population and a management aware of its obligations as a corporate citizen have come together for a massive tree-plantation drive over a period of years as a result of which afforestation sites and green expanses enrich the environment in mining and peripheral areas. There are five big gardens inside the plant and 15 gardens in the township. The cumulative plantation in the Works area and township is more than 30 lakhs while in the Mines, it is more than 22 lakhs. Spread over 167 acres, the sprawling Maitri Bagh that has the biggest musical fountain in the country, a zoo with 28 species of animals and birds, an artificial lake with boating facilities, a toy train etc., attracts over 5 lakh visitors every year.

The residential sectors of the steel city are kept clean and green by the Plant's Town Administration Department which also undertakes the civic amenities such as street lighting, cleaning and maintenance of the tree-lined carpeted roads. The water to the township is supplied from the Maroda water treatment plant having a capacity of over 30 million gallons per day. Water is distributed throughout the township through a system of underground reservoirs and overhead tanks.

Energy Consumption

Continuous monitoring

  • Apex Committee Inspection by HODs.
  • Quarter review of Safety activities by ED(W)
  • Fixing responsibility of line managers.
  • Contractor workers safety - IPSS procedure enforcement, contractors' audit, safety exhibitions
  • Safety workshops

Regular inspections

  • Inspection of gas pipelines
  • Inspection of structures, equipments and installations
  • Risk Control Grading System implemented in Coke Ovens Battery 9 & 10, Blast Furnace, SMS-1 and extended to BBM, Foundry Shop, and SMS-II.

Quality Assurance


All major production units and marketable products in Bhilai Steel Plant are covered under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. This includes manufacture of blast furnace coke and coal chemicals, production of hot metal and pig iron, steel making through twin hearth and basic oxygen processes, manufacture of steel slabs and blooms by continuous casting, and production of hot rolled steel blooms, billets and rails, structurals, plates, steel sections and wire rods.

Bhilai's products come with a complete assurance of quality.

This is achieved as a result of unrelenting attention and meticulous procedures at every stage of the process and upgrading of testing methods and equipment.

Right from selection of input material for steelmaking, the process parameters are kept under close control. Intensive checking of all quality parameters continues throughout the subsequent operations of casting, reheating and rolling. Express analysis with the help of sophisticated, direct-reading spectrograph and gas analyser ensures a narrow range of chemical composition. Intensive metallographic investigation with modern instruments like Scanning Electron Microscope, Image Analyser and Micro Hardness Tester is carried out to assess the quality of the product.

The key points of control are :

  • Chemical analysis of hot metal, liquid steel and final product.
  • Inspection of surface and internal quality of the product by visual and ultrasonic inspection.
  • Monitoring and control of heating/reheating parameters.
  • Dimensional and surface check during rolling and on finished product.
  • Maintenance of cast identity throughout the process up to the end product

Human Resource Development:

  • Training need assessment is a continuing process.
  • About 19,000 employees are imparted training every year.
  • The focus is on need-based innovative programmes, such as Action Collaboration.
  • Multi-Skilling
  • Major HRD Interventions


Coke Ovens Batteries: 11 Nos.*
  • 8 batteries of 4.3m height consisting of 65 ovens each
  • 3 batteries of 7m height consisting of 67 oven each *
  • • 1st Oven Pushing of new COB 11 done on 29th Sept 14. Battery commissioned in Oct 2014.
Blast Furnaces : 6 Nos.
  • 1 Blast furnaces each of 1033 cu.m useful volume
  • 3 Blast furnaces each of 1719 cu.m useful volume
  • 1 Blast furnace of 2350 cu.m useful volume
  • 1 Blast furnace of 4060 cu.m useful volume
  • (First Hot metal from Blast Furnace # 8 of 4060m3 useful volume with Torpedo ladles and Top Pressure Recovery Turbine flowed out in Feb 2018)
Sintering Plants : 2 Nos.*
  • SP-2 : 3x75sq.m hearth area, and
  • 1x80sq.m hearth area
  • SP-3 : 1x320sq.m hearth area
  • 1 New Sinter M/c in SP 3 of 360sq.m hearth area operationalized in March 2014
Steel Melting Shop-I
  • 4 Twin Hearth Furnaces
  • 4 MTPA Steel Melting Shop-III (MODEX UNIT)
Steel Melting Shop-II

Convertor Shop :

  • 3 BOF 110/130 T Converters
  • Hot Metal Desulphurisation Unit
  • Secondary Refining facilities : 1 VAD unit, 2 sets of RH degassers & Ladle furnaces

Continuous Casting Shop:

  • 4 Slab Casters, 1 bloom caster, 1 Combi caster

Convertor Shop :

  • 2 Convertors operationalised
  • Secondary Refining Facilities – RH Degasser & Ladle Furnace operationalised
  • CCS : 3 Casters (2 billet & 1 Bloom Caster operationalised)
  • Blooming & Billet Mill
  • Rail & Structural Mill
  • Modex Unit - 1.2 MTPA Universal Rail Mill commissioned in Jan 2017
  • Plate Mill
  • Merchant Mill
  • Wire Rod Mill
  • MODEX Unit - 0.9 MTPA Bar & Rod Mill –
  • Mill operationalised.
Auxiliary Units
  • Two captive Power Plants – one captive and other in joint venture with 104MW total power generation capacity. -Two Oxygen Plants, Acetylene Plant
  • Refractory Materials Plants - Foundry &Engg.
  • Shops -Coal Chemicals units - Slag granulation plants