Procedure followed in the decision making process including Channels of Supervision and accountability

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ASP is a commercial organisation functioning in a fiercely competitive environment, facing competition both from domestic and international producers. The Company has well defined systems with respect to decision-making process. Generally, the proposals requiring decisions are initiated at the appropriate level of the executive, depending upon the nature with regard to financial implication, urgency and importance of the matter. Normally, the proposals are initiated at the level of E2-E6 (Asst. Manager to AGM), screened/forwarded by HODs/Principal HODs in the rank of AGM/DGM. Concurrence of Finance & Accounts (CFA) is taken wherever applicable or required as per Delegation of Powers (DoP). The approval is accorded by the executives at the level of GM / ED / Director depending upon the DoP. In case where consideration of matter by more than two departments is required, a multidisciplinary committee consisting of executives of appropriate levels of the concerned departments is formed to expedite the decision-making.