The powers and duties of officers and employees

Right to information act

The powers and duties of officers and employees


Executive Director, CFP is the Chief Executive of Chandrapur Ferro Alloy Plant and stationed at Chandrapur.The executives in different departments/sections have to work according to the powers delegated to them as per the Delegation of Powers and perform the following general functions – - Achieve clarity and organizational objectives on goals and as per the plans of action.
- Develop norms of performance in every functional area and secure commitment for improved norms.
- Ensure smooth and efficient operation and achieve optimal performance of different departments.
- To take capital investment decisions within the powers of ED. 
- Co-ordinate with all external agencies i.e. Central & State Govt. offices, in order to improve overall operations of the Plant.
- Project of image of the Plant through various media to the public in general.
- To manage the resources to the maximum potential and generate budgeted profit.
The functions of the different departments are detailed in the subsequent pages.

Finance & Accounts:

  • General
  • Budgeting
  • Control of Cost
  • Financial Accounting : Taxation & Audit / Others
  • Financial concurrence
  • Expenditure monitoring
  • Quarterly / Annual Accounts
  • Compliance of various rules, regulations and Acts relating to direct & indirect taxes, etc.

Works & Projects:

  • Achieve ABP targets of (a) Maintenance of equipment and machinery in good health (b) Production of Ferro Alloys and (c) Specific Consumption norms and productivity.
  • Industrial Safety, Fire Services and Pollution Control.
  • Despatch of ferro alloys to SAIL Steel Plants and other consumers in open market.

Personnel & Administration:

  • Industrial relations
  • Human Resource Development
  • Manpower Planning & Recruitment.
  • Training and Development
  • Welfare.
  • Health Services
  • Establishment matters
  • Security Services
  • Rajbhasha / Hindi Section
  • Hospitality and Horticulture
  • Compensation Schemes.
  • Land & Estate
  • General Administration & Services
  • Liaison service.
  • Plan and execute various Schemes under CSR.

Materials Management & Contracts:

  • Procure right quality and quantity of materials and services in time.
  • Make all out efforts to procure materials/services at competitive prices.
  • Maintain Minimum stock levels as per norms fixed and improve from time to time.
  • Maintain all weighing equipment/Machinery.
  • Provide and maintain different contracts and agreements for services throughout the year at minimum cost and best service to the organization.
  • Vendor development.


  • Prepare, monitor and implement Corporate plan for the organization.
  • Conceive, plan and implement various projects sanctioned from time to time.


  • Evolve and implement Marketing Plan for sale of prime products and by-products of the Plant under Conversion Agreement to SAIL plants and other consumers in open market including export as per ABP.
  • Develop and improve customer base on regular basis.
  • Study market and regularize pricing of products periodically and as & when required.
  • Co-ordinate between SAIL Plants & Units, Buyers, Production & Despatch Depts.


  • Advise Executive Directors on various issues provided under different statutes and laws.
  • Comply with all legal requirements of the Plant.

Communication/PR Dept:

  • Prepare PR Budget and implement
  • Take steps for publicity, and effective co-ordination with local, regional and national press and electronic media for maintaining good image of the organization.
  • Publication of House Magazines.
  • Issue press releases and organize press conferences as and when required.

Internal Audit Dept:

  • Conducting, monitoring and reporting various audit observations carried out regularly and periodically.
  • Co-ordinate with Statutory Auditors, Govt. and CAG Auditors
  • Co-ordinate between different depts. in the organization and Auditors for satisfying various audit queries, preparation of suitable replies.
  • Submission of Internal Audit Observations periodically to the Management