The particulars of organization, function and duties

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1. The particulars of organization, function and duties

SAIL's marketing set-up, the ISO 9001:2015 certified Central Marketing Organisation, is India's largest industrial marketing set-up. CMO is primarily responsible for marketing of steel items, including carbon, alloy and special steel products, produced by the steel plants of SAIL. Backed by a strong ERP system, CMO's network of 37 Branch Sales Offices, 25 Warehouses (of which 8 are equipped with sophisticated mechanised handling systems), 43 Consignment Agents and 27 Customer Contact Offices function in a synchronised manner to deliver quality SAIL steel to every corner of the country. CMO`s domestic marketing effort is supplemented by its ever-widening network of district and rural dealers who meet the demands of the smallest customers in the remotest corners of the country. CMO, through its joint venture partner M/s Mjunction Services Ltd, has simplified steel buying by providing Internet-based facilities through its online ‘e-store’, providing door delivery facilities to small house-builders.

A strong IT support system enables real-time network connectivity within the entire CMO network. Extensive customer contact, product and segment specialization, close monitoring of order servicing through order conformance Index and feedback analysis through a Customer Satisfaction index are established norms at CMO. The customer-friendly approach of CMO is backed by practical after-sales service. Through the process of Key Account management, CMO provides single-window service to key customers across the country for e very business transaction from enquiry to order booking, order tracking to delivery, and even consultancy and after-sales service.

International Trade Division(ITD), of CMO undertakes exports of Mild Steel products and Pig Iron from SAIL`s five integrated steel plants. Even ready to meet the exacting demands of its global customers, ITD maintains a close liaison with customers and the production units to cater to the customized requirements of its customers both in terms of quality and sizes.

Commercial Directorate
Primary role of the group based in New Delhi is to handle all Parliament-related work, including Parliament questions and matters relating to COPU, Consultative Committees, all references from Ministries / MPs, Quality Performance Review (QPR) meetings with the Ministry of Steel, submission of monthly agenda on Sales & Marketing review for the Board as well as Chief Executives, and all matters related to meetings of Steel Consumer Council / COSICI / FEII and other industry associations.

Home Sales
SWith a three-tiered set-up comprising Headquarters in Kolkata, Regional Offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, 37 Branch Sales Offices 10 Customer Contact Offices, 7 Sales Resident Manager Offices and other outlets in various parts of the country, CMO’s Home Sales group takes care of the domestic marketing of iron & steel products produced by the steel plants of SAIL. Home Sales consists of Long Products, Flat Products and PET (pipes, electrical steels & tinplates) product groups.

Executives of this group in HQ and Regional Offices are responsible for appointment of dealers across the country, making policy interventions for organising sales to dealers and expanding scope for dealerships in order to increase sales of branded products, improve market share and promote usage of SAIL products.

Warehousing Group
CMO’s Warehousing group, headquartered in Kolkata and comprising of 25 Departmental Warehouses and 21 Consignment Agencies is responsible for warehousing and transportation logistics for home sales. The group handles iron & steel materials despatched by the steel plants of SAIL for stocking as well as delivery to domestic customers. It also undertakes contracting for road transportation from various warehouses and other outlets as well as physical despatches from warehouses to final destinations. The group is also responsible for settlement of claims with the Railways arising out of despatch of iron & steel products from the SAIL plants.

International Trade Division
Located in New Delhi, this group is primarily responsible for sale of iron & steel products produced by the SAIL plants in international markets and expanding export in terms of destinations as well as product-mix.

Communication & Information Technology
Providing IT support to various departments of Marketing / HQ / Regional Offices and with a Software Development Centre at Hyderabad, this department is responsible for computerisation of various functions of CMO, development and maintenance of necessary software and hardware facilities, Management Information System and IT-related troubleshooting.

With executives in HQ, Kolkata and all Regional offices, the primary role is of this group is human resource management. Its main functions include planning and development of human resources of CMO, organisational development and employee services & welfare, apart from maintenance of peaceful industrial relations. Besides, the group is also responsible for medical, administration and liaison-related activities.

Finance & Accounts: 
Finance executives are spread throughout the country at all CMO locations, responsible for accounting, finance management and budgetary control in CMO.

Estate Management Division
This group, with executives in Headquarters and Regions, is primarily responsible for construction / maintenance of office buildings / warehouses, equipment, etc. It maintains company's records related to estates / properties, disposal of idle assets and follow-up and settlement of cases / disputes pertaining to company's estate / properties, etc.

Legal Cell
Headquartered in Kolkata and with representatives in the four Regional Offices, the group is responsible for handling all legal matters, including RTI Act, giving advice on legal matters to all offices of CMO and managing court / arbitration cases.

Vigilance executives in HQ and Regional Offices are responsible for advising on vigilance matters, investigation of cases and suggesting ways and means for preventive vigilance.

Public Relations
Based in Kolkata, the department handles communication, publicity and public relations for CMO through a variety of activities, including media relations, advertising, participation in trade fairs / exhibitions, publications, films, etc.

Internal Audit
Conducts audit on activities of various departments with a view to ensuring that rules and standards are adhered to.

The overall objectives and framework of rules and regulations of the Company is laid down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. Each Department of the Company, while discharging its functions, is guided by manuals, policy and guidelines, which are periodically reviewed and updated. In addition, the Company follows the directives and guidelines issued by the Government of India on various matters. The operations of the Company is also guided by the Memorandum of Understanding entered into with the Government of India.

A statement of categories of documents that are held by SAIL or under its control

The Company maintains various statutory documents, registers, books, licenses, manuals, agreements etc. for the business operation of the Company, as required under various statutes, rules and regulations as well as for the smooth functioning of the Company.

The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof.

CMO is a Commercial Organisation and policies formulated by it relates to its internal management and therefore, there is no requirement for consultation with the members of the Public prior to formulation of its internal policies. However, internal policies of the Company are formulated in compliance with the applicable provisions of the statutes, rules and regulations etc.

A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.

The Management of the Company is vested with the Board of Directors. The Board has constituted various sub committees with specific powers and distinct roles and responsibilities.

The meetings of the Board of Directors and Sub Committees of the Board are not accessible for public.