Bokaro steel plants

Peripheral Development

Bokaro Steel is striving to reach the glow and warmth of its furnaces to people living at the periphery of this thriving steel city. All villages and residential settlements within a radius of 20 kilometres are covered under the peripheral development programmes that benefit some 3 lakh persons. In recent years, the stress has been on developing basic and infrastructure facilities like roads, bridges, schools, primary healtch centres, wells, pumps etc. and renovating the existing facilities.

Regular health camps are organised to reach immunisation and free medicines to people. Free medicines are also supplied to Asha Dan, a hospital for the lepers, and to government hospitals in the event of natural calamities.

Bokaro Steel pitched in with its share in the relief of victims of natural calamities like the Orissa cyclone, Gujarat earthquake and Bihar floods.

For a number of years, Bokaro Steel has been sponsoring a First Aid camp during Shravani Mela for the Kanwariyas walking with holy water from Sultanganj in Bihar to Deoghar in Jharkhand - a holy journey of some 100 kilometres.

Ahead of the race: students of Bokaro Steel Balika Vidyalaya


Community Care

In a uniquely sensitive gesture of social care, Bokaro Steel has adopted children belonging to the primitive Birhor tribe that has a very limited population. These children live under the love and care of Bokaro Steel, getting free board, lodging, dresses and education. They are getting developmental opportunities of the modern world, without having to shun their own cultural moorings.

Bokaro Steel organises medical camps on a regular basis - this one in Balidih


Encouraging Ancillaries

The ancillaries under the Bokaro Industrial Area Development Authority symbolise the spill-over of economic activities due to Bokaro Steel. The Plant aids these industrial units by providing testing facilities, technical support for modernisation and upgradation, and preferential procurement orders in their areas of strength that match Bokaro Steel's requirements.

To keep them abreast of the prevailing quality assurance standards, Bokaro Steel has been giving free consultations to these units for developing their ISO 9001 QA Systems.
Bokaro Mahila Samiti

Founded in 1964, Bokaro Mahila Samiti is a leading philanthropic organisation of the spouses of steelmen, giving succour to needy people and creating opportunities for skill enhancement and self-employment. The Samiti runs a number of schools for poor children and for uneducated elderly and a children's library. The training centre and Udyog Kendra with wings for making spices, flour, safety gloves, soap, shawls, apparel and embroidered clothes, provide livelihood to a number of women. Free medical consultation for neonates and their mothers and mobile dispensary play a key role in providing primary healthcare to needy persons. The Samiti organises aid drives for lepers, victims of natural calamities, children from poor families and other resource-constrained people.