Plants and Units
Shop Products Annual Capacity (Tonnes) Product Dimension range (mm)/ Profile Width range (mm) Length (metre) End use / consumers
Rail & Structural Mill    Rails   Heavy Structurals           Crane Rails Crossing sleepers 750000 45Kg, 52Kg & 60 Kg Rails Beam
450x150, 400,350,300x140
400x100, 300x90
150x150, 200x200   CR80,100 & 120
  13, 26, 65, 130 & 260   Indian Railways, Export   Infrastructure Projects           Cranes Broad gauge sleepers
Merchant Mill Lt. Structurals    TMT Round 5,00,000 Angle 
50x50, 65x65
70x70, 75x75
80x80, 90x90
75x40, 100x50
20, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40,45
Rounds  (Plain)
28, 30, 32, 36, 40, 50, 53, 56,63, 67
    Engineering and Infrastructure Projects
Wire Rod Mill Wire Rods(Plain)
Wire Rods (TMT)
4,00,000 5.5, 6, 7, 8
8, 10, 12
    Electordes Manufacture
Infrastructure Projects
 Plate Mill Plates 9,50,000 8 – 160 1500 – 3300 4.5 - 15.0 Boilers, Defence ,Railways, Ship building, LPG cylinders, Irrigation, Export
Semis Bloom, NWS  Slab & Billets from BBM HC Bloom from CCS
Slab from CCS
5,53,000 Billets
902 , 1002 , 1102 
1502 , 3202
Pig Iron           Foundry
By Products Coal Chemicals       Processed Slag   Ammonium Sulphate (Fertiliser)- Brand Name -RAJA Tar products,
(Pitch, Napthalene, Creosote Oil Road Tar,
Anthracene oil, Dephenolised oil, PCM etc.), Benzol products (NG Benzene, Toulene, Xylene,
Solvent oil, Heavy  Benzol etc.) Granulated slag from CHSG Plants & SGP for cement manufacture

Special Products of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant and their applications

Long Products

Product Application
Rail (Carbon-Manganese; 90 Kg/mm2 UTS) Railway Tracks all over the country & also for export customers.
High YS/UTS Rail (V/Nb Micro-alloyed) Heavy haulage, high density railway tracks
Corrosion Resistant Rail(Cu-Mo & NCC) Corrosion prone regions, mainly coastal areas
Cr-V alloyed High Strength (110 Kg/mm2 UTS) Rail Heavy haulage, high traffic density railway tracks; developed for Dedicated Freight Corridor
Thick Web Asymmetric Rail For making high speed switches to be used at Points & Crossings in Railway tracks.
High Conductivity Rail (Rimming quality) High conductivity rail or ‘Third Rail’ for Metro Trains, made of Rimming steel.
Crane Rail Crane rails in CR-80/CR-100/CR-120 sections, used for tracks of different types of cranes
EQR TMT Bar & Wire Rod (8, 10, 12, 25, 28, 32, 36 & 40mm) Construction of high-rise buildings, bridges & structures in seismic prone areas
HCR TMT Bar & Wire Rod (8, 10, 12, 25, 28, 32, 36 & 40mm) Construction of high-rise buildings, bridges & structures in corrosion prone areas
Rimming steel for EQ grade Wire Rod Production of low current consuming Arc Welding Electrodes
Drawing quality Wire Rod(SWR-10,SWR-14) Drawing of Wire Rods into thinner gauge wires for different applications
SAIL MA 410 structurals For construction sector, requiring higher tensile strength
SAIL TOWER Semis For re-rolling into high strength structurals, for construction of Transmission Line Towers

Flat Products 

Product Application
Thicker gauge plates (upto 150mm thickness) in Structural quality as per national/ international specifications (IS 2062 E250, ASTM A36, EN 10025 S235/S275, etc.) Fabrication of heavy duty structures in the construction industry
High Tensile plates (SAIL MA 300/350/410/450, IS 2062 E300/E350/E410/E450, EN 10025 S355, JIS G 3106 SM490 A/B, ASTM A572 GR.42/50, etc.) High strength applications in the construction sector, high-rise buildings, bridges, flyovers, heavy machineries, earthmoving equipments, windmills, thermal/hydel power projects
Ultra High Strength plates (SAIL MA 550/600, SAIL HITEN 690AR, etc.) As rolled plates for applications like Penstocks, heavy duty machineries, defence equipments, thermal/hydel power projects (used in place of quenched & tempered steel plates)
Boiler Quality plates for use at Intermediate & higher temperature in grade IS 2002 Gr.I/II/III, ASTM A / ASME SA 515 Gr. 60/65/70 Fabrication of boiler body &/or its different constituents
Boiler Quality plates for use at Moderate & Lower temperature in grade ASTM A / ASME SA 516 Gr.55/60/65/70 Fabrication of boiler body &/or its different constituents
High strength Pressure Vessel Quality plates for use at lower temperature in grade ASTM A / ASME SA 537 Class 1, EN 10028 P275 Fabrication of pressure vessels, storage tanks, mounded vessels used for storing liquefied gases at high pressure
Creep Resistant plates in ASTM A204, EN 10028 Gr.16Mo3 High temperature application requiring creep resistance property
Ship Building quality plates in LRS Gr.A/B/D, ABS Gr.A, DNV NV32, AH/DH 32/36 Construction & repair of Merchant Navy / Cargo vessels
DMR 249A grade plates Nickel alloyed Steel with High strength & low temperature toughness for Naval Ships
Line Pipe Quality plates in grades API 5L X-52/X-60/X-65/X-70 Construction of Line pipes for carrying Oil & Gas
Corrosion Resistant steel plates in grades SAIL-COR, ASTM A 588 Gr.A, IRS M-41, ASTM A 242 Applications requiring atmospheric corrosion resistance – generally structurals for construction sector & railway wagons & coaches
Wear Resistant plates in SAIL-HARD quality High strength plates with certified minimum hardness level, for applications requiring wear resistance
Soft iron steel plates For use in construction of magnet
DMR 249A grade plates Nickel alloyed Steel with High strength & low temperature toughness for Naval Ships