IISCO Steel Plants

World Class Facilities

IISCO Steel Plant has roped in world class technology to create state-of-the art facilities at Burnpur. The facilities have been designed to produce best quality product with minimal environmental impact. The facilities include:




Coke Oven Battery

7 m tall x 74 ovens

0.88 MT gross coke

Sinter Plant

2 x 204 m2

3.88 MT gross sinter

Blast Furnace

1 x 4060 m3

2.7 MT hot metal

Basic Oxygen Furnace

3 x 150 tonne

2.5 MT crude steel

Billet Caster

2 x 6 strand

1.67 MT

Beam Blank Caster

1 x 4 strand

0.83 MT

Universal Section Mill


0.85 MT

Bar Mill


0.90 MT

Wire Rod Mill


0.55 MT

Coke Oven 
The plant has two Coke Ovens namely COB 11 and COB 10 and. The newly commissioned COB 11 is 7 metre tall, has 74 ovens, a coke dry cooling plant and a matching by-product plant. The plant uses dry cooling technology using inert gases, instead of the conventional water quenching to produce 0.88 MT of Gross Coke per annum of the best quality. Coke Oven Battery No 10 has a height of 4.5 meter with 78 ovens. It has the capacity of 17.2 tons of Coal pushing per day.

Sinter Plant
Two sinter machines with a grate area of 204 metre square produce super-fluxed sinter. Sinter usage avoids addition of raw flux in Blast Furnace thus resulting in improvement in energy efficiency and productivity.

Blast Furnace
With a useful volume of 4,160 metre cube the Blast Furnace “Kalyani” is one of largest Blast Furnace in the country. It uses high blast temperature, oxygen enrichment, high top pressure and pulverized coal injection technology to increase productivity.

Basic Oxygen Furnace
ISP has three 150-tonne capacity Basic Oxygen Furnaces which produce around 2.55 MT of liquid steel. Equipped with features like combined blowing, fully computerized operation it can use scrap, iron ore and DRI as coolant to eliminate waste and enable recycling.


Billet Caster & Beam Blank-cum-Bloom Caster
Two 6-strand billet casters and one 4-strand bloom-cum-beam blank caster are used for casting the liquid steel. The use of beam blanks in Universal Section Mill leads to considerable improvement in overall yield and energy consumption.

Rolling Mills
One Bar Mill and one Wire Rod Mill for produce 0.75 MT of high quality bars and 0.5 MT of wire rods per year. The Universal Section Mill produces 0.6 MT of universal section products per year.

Advance logistics
The plant is provided with latest version of IP-communication server-based telephone exchange to provide state-of-art communication infrastructure. Mimic control systems for hot metal movement on railway track ensure uninterrupted flow of material.

Environment, Health & Safety
We believe in green growth and take intense care to give back to nature what we take from it.By means of well-developed environmental policies in place, the impact on environment is kept to the minimum. Continuous monitoring of crucial parameters like SPM, SOX, NOX and water testing is carried out as per the guidelines of Pollution Control Board. We consider the safety of our employees of primary importance. Frequent workshops, training and drills on safety are undertaken to make safety a way of life.

IT infrastructure

We have a well-developed IT infrastructure with internal portal to interconnect departments. Dedicated systems for project finance, payroll, quarter management and hospital management are already in operation.

Human Resource
Using a range of activities like computer training, interactive sessions and technical workshops, the HR department acts as a control room for the progress of the most important pillar in the growth of ISP – the people. The department has well equipped computer lab, workshop lab, PLC lab and conference hall.

ISP publishes a weekly newsletter named CRISP (Communications Regarding IISCO Steel Plant) to disseminate information on company affairs to employees. Our weekly bilingual video magazine “IISCO Samachar” consisting of plant, local and community programme news is hugely popular among employees. Our Public Relations department organizes various events for community development and also houses an RTI cell.

Knowledge education
ISP runs Burnpur Boys' High School, Burnpur Girls' School and Chhotodighari Vidyapeeth which enables employee’s children to face the competitive world and to stand out among the crowd.


The Burnpur township has a 500-bedded Burnpur Hospital with facilities of OT, ICU, ICCU, Dialysis unit, Dental, Isolation ward, Blood bank, Physiotherapy, etc. Besides, there are Clinics in all townships and Occupational Health Centre in the plant to provide first aid to the employees in case of any work accidents. The hospital also undertakes health campaigns to provide underprivileged people with free medical check-up and free medicines.

Sporting set-up
Sports offer much-needed relaxation after the tedium of factory work. The Burnpur Stadium is a center of extensive sporting activities. Other sports complexes are the ISP Sports House, Burnpur Cricket Ground, Sports Coaching Centre, ISP Boxing Stadium, ISP School Sports Complex and Hostel Grounds. The Sports department organizes various sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and athletics. Players groomed in the SAIL Football Academy at Burnpur have represented SAIL in the Kolkata IFA and 1st Division League matches. Four players belonging to the ISP Sports Academy have represented ISP in the prestigious Commonwealth Games.