Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year

Right to information act

As & when required.

Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update


  1. Project Cost Estimate
  2. Package Cost Estimate
  3. Board and Sub-Committee Agenda & Minutes
  4. Technical & Administrative Approvals
  5. Power Purchase Agreements
  6. Any Agreements
  7. Bids / Tender documents of third party
  8. Tariff Calculations
  9. HR Internal Policies
  10. Vigilance Investigation Report
  11. Future Plans & Strategies
  12. Operational Manuals, Project Operational Parameters, Plant Operation Log-books & sheets
  13. FR, DPR & other studies
  14. Drawings / Lay-out plans
  15. Evaluation Reports
  16. Medical Report of the employees
  17. Opinions sought from advocates / consultants / other experts
  18. Nominations made by employee for PF, Gratuity, etc
  19. Information related to Research & Analysis
  20. On-going Contracts with Confidentiality Clauses
  21. Address / Phone No. of employees in any form
  22. Internal Audit Reports
  23. Any details of Security Arrangement
  24. Any matter which is sub-judice
  25. Offers


Chapter A


To implement RTI in true spirit we need to sensitize people regarding the Act. In order to sensitize people, we train our manpower with the provisions of the RTI Act and also with case studies therein. We conduct workshops at our offices and even have inserted RTI training in most of our training modules/ programmes