The particulars of IISCO’s organization

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The particulars of IISCO’s organization

IISCO Steel Plant(ISP), earlier known as Indian Iron & Steel Company(IISCO) is one of the first integrated steel plants of India. The Plant started its operation as Bengal Iron Works at Kulti in West Bengal in 1870. IISCO was incorporated in 1918 and produced iron from an open-top blast furnace at Hirapur (later called Burnpur) for the first time in 1922. Later it merged with Bengal Iron Works in 1936 and then with Steel Corporation of Bengal in 1952. IISCO’s capacity was expanded to 1.0 Mt capacity during 1953 to 1955. The plant was taken over by the Government in 1972 and thereafter became a subsidiary of Steel Authority of India Ltd in 1978. The plant merged with SAIL on 16th February 2006 and is now called IISCO Steel Plant.

After undergoing a modernisation-cum-expansion programme, the crude steel capacity of the plant has been raised to 2.5 million tonnes per year. Adopting the latest technology to become globally competitive, this most modern unit of SAIL at Burnpur has ensured elimination of energy intensive processes, improvement in the quality of products and lower specific energy consumption. This has also ensured higher manpower productivity, cleaner environment and production of steel at least cost. Today all the three Mills as well as the Sinter Plant and _____ have now been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.




Production (MTPA)

Technology Supplier

Coke Oven Battery

7 M TallX74 Ovens

0.88 Gross Coke

Giprokoks & BEC

Sinter Plant

2 x 204 M2

3.88Gross Sinter

Outotec & L&T

Blast Furnace

1 x 4161 M3

2.7 Hot Metal


Basic Oxygen Furnace

3 x 150 T

2.5 Crude Steel

SMS Siemag

Billet Caster

2 x 6 strand


Siemens VAI

Beam Blank Caster

1 x 4 Strand


Siemens VAI

Universal Section Mill



SMS Meer

Bar Mill



Danieli & Company

Wire Rod Mill



Danieli & Company

Product basket:




Wire Rod Mill

Wire rod
5 – 22 mm

Carbon steel, Spring steel, EQ grade, Ball-bearing steel, Free-cutting steel, Cold-heading steel, Low-alloy steel, Forging quality steel

Bar Mill


Low medium carbon steel, Carbon steel

Universal Section Mill

Bulb Bars
Z Bars

IPE 240 – IPE 750 mm, IPM 350 mm, HEA 200 – 450, HEB 200 – 450
200 – 400 mm 
150 – 200 mm 
200 – 340 mm 
ISPS 1625 U – 2222 U, 1021 Z, 1481