The manner of execution of subsidy programs including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programs.

There is no subsidy programmes operated by IISCO Steel Plant except for expenditure on Peripheral Development, Family Welfare and AIDS Control.

Peripheral Development : -
Further to merger with SAIL, IISCO Steel Plant has begun providing development support to peripheral areas within radius of 5 kms of the plant. The focus of development is primarily on civil construction such as roads, culverts and bridges, bathing ghats, educational support including construction of class rooms, and adult education /literacy programmes ; cultural activities including construction of cultural stage, organizing rural cultural festival, providing platform to rural artistes, public health, sanitation etc. During the year 2006-2007 a sum of Rs 1.0 crore has been allocated towards Peripheral Development.

Family Welfare
Efforts towards promotion of small family norms and to take care of the mother and child; primarily among the underprivileged section of the society. Burnpur Hospital of IISCO Steel Plant runs family planning and proactive child health programmes under the aegis of its medical department. The target group is women and children in Burnpur township area and the surroundings who do not have access to quality medical services.

AIDS Control
Burnpur Hospital of IISCO Steel Plant in collaboration with National AIDS Control (NACO), Govt. of India has been working since more than six years to create awareness about AIDS both amongst its employees and general public of the area. Targeted towards the masses through awareness programmes, school education programmes, through posters, hoardings etc. the expenditure for the five years is as under : -
Expenditure on AIDS Control Project
Year Received from NACO (Rs Lakhs) Expenditure (Rs Lakhs)
1999-00 6.50 4.24
2000-01 4.00 1.96
2001-02 0.00 0.50
2002-03 0.00 0.42
2003-04 0.00 0.17
2004-05 16.29 1.88
2005-06 0.00 2.74