SAIL’s Response to CoVID-19

SAIL has activated a scaled response towards management of CoVID-19 at it's Plants/Units and Townships. SAIL Hospitals at five integrated steel plant locations have earmarked 10% of it's total bed strength as isolation wards for CoVID-19 patients. Quarantine Facilities at guest houses/hostels in the townships and at Mines hospitals have also been created for more than 600 persons.

SAIL Hospitals have been requested to prepare a round the clock duty roster of Clinical and Para-medical staff for manning the isolation wards and quarantine areas. SAIL hospitals at the five ISPs have also designated one Nodal Officer each for co-ordinating and monitoring the tasks/activities with the stake-holders and reporting the process/events.

SAIL has also facilitated procurement of sufficient numbers of N95 Masks, PPEs, 3 ply medical masks, emergency medicines, other medical equipments, consumables etc. at its hospitals as preparedness to combat spread of CoVID-19.

All the Government Guidelines issued w.r.t. management and prevention of spread of CoVID-19 at workplace are being scrupulously followed at Plants/Units of SAIL. The Dos and Don’ts circulated by DoPT vide its OM dated 17th March, 2020 has been circulated to Plants/Units for wider circulation and compliance. Other Guidelines issued w.r.t. social distancing, mass gatherings, closure of Zoo, etc. have also been forwarded to Plants/Units for strict adherence.

General Advisory for implementing SAIL’s scaled response to CoVID-19 at Plants/Units and Circular for implementation of roster based limited deployment of workers, officers, medical personnel, etc., to ensure the minimum level of critical operations, monitor/coordinate the essential activities/services and tackle any contingencies, have been issued. An Advisory from restricting travel by the employees of SAIL has also been issued.

SAIL has responded to clarion call by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to come forward for helping Nation in this crisis and has contributed Rs. 30 crores to PM CARES Fund. SAIL employees have also come forward to extend help in combating this pandemic by donating their one day salary which is close to Rs. 9 crores.

Healthcare providers and workers of SAIL Hospitals have also been got covered under ‘Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package: Insurance Scheme for Health Workers fighting CoVID-19’ launched by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) for providing comprehensive personal accident cover of Rs. 50 Lakh for 90 days to a total of 22.12 lakh public health care providers through M/s New India Assurance Co. Ltd. w.e.f. 30.3.2020.

Considering the severity of the present circumstances and the hardship under which the SAIL employees are working to maintain essential services and critical operations, SAIL as a responsive organisation is committed to ensuring employee safety and health. Accordingly, as a special measure, reimbursement of expenditure on PPE/personal hygiene products like masks, hand-sanitisers, disposable gloves, etc. has been allowed for such employees to the extent of Rs. 150 per day (Works area) and Rs. 100 per day (Non-Works area) w.e.f. 1.4.2020.

SAIL is aware that SAIL hospitals are required to prepare a large group of healthcare providers who will be needed to replace the first line of workers and will be required to tackle the exponential or geometric increase in positive CoVID-19 cases in the subsequent stages of the pandemic.  Accordingly, steps have been taken to ensure that the healthcare providers take the Integrated Govt. Online Training (iGOT) courses on the iGOT online platform, which have been launched by Govt. for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Hygiene Workers, Technicians and other medical/non-medical staff, volunteers like Civil Defence, NCC, NSS, etc. Necessary Advisories in this regards, have been issued to Plants/Units.

Further, all Plants/Units of SAIL have been directed to download the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials available on the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) website for wider dissemination of training materials and spreading awareness among staff and workers. 

All the SAIL Hospitals have also been directed that all the SoPs defined in the CoVID-19 protocols have to be strictly followed by the notified hospitals with emphasis for ensuring that proper TRIAGING of every patient is done at the entry point, FLU CLINICS, etc., for the segregation of the CoVID-19 suspect cases so that the services and staff of other critical facilities like ICU and CCU of the hospitals are not adversely impacted on account of the pandemic.

Chairman, SAIL has been reviewing the CoVID-19 preparedness with all Chief Executives, Heads of Medical and Heads of Personnel of Plants/Units on a daily basis. Emphasis is being given to the patient management protocols for ensuring appropriate precautions to be taken while dealing with potential CoVID-19 cases. 

Chairman, SAIL has also acknowledged with gratitude, the missionary zeal and commitment shown by the Medical Teams of the SAIL hospitals in this hour of crisis on behalf of SAIL fraternity. He has appealed to all healthcare providers to hold on, remain vigilant and stay protected to ensure proper medical care to the affected. He also emphasized that priority of all healthcare providers must be their own and their family’s safety and well-being. While exhibiting his deep gratefulness to each healthcare provider, he called upon them to treat this “Service to Mankind” (Manav Seva) as “Service to God” (Madhav Seva).

SAIL has been continuously coordinating with the Government Authorities at Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW), National Health Authority (NHA), Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), Ministry of Steel (MoS), etc., and providing the extensive reports and data that has been generated to facilitate preparation and taking decisive action by the Government and SAIL. 


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