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Market Group

International Trade Division


New customers desirous of starting import of Mild steel products of SAIL on sustained basis are requested to send the following details/documents for enlistment.

1. Customer profile (Details of the customer / Firm) who will establish the Letter of Credit.

2. Name, Address, Telephone & Fax number, e-mail of the Contact person overseas and the same of the representative in India (if any).

3. Last two years balance sheet of the company desirous of doing business with SAIL.

4. Name, address of the Bank through which the Letter of Credit will be established.

5. A certificate from the banker about business dealing with the customer.

Customers may send the above details/documents at following address 

Executive Director 
International Trade Division 
Steel Authority of India Ltd. 
13th Floor Hindustan Times House 
18-20 KG Marg, New Delhi- 110001 
FAX NO: (0091-11) 2373 9691, 2335 5276.

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