The norms set by DPS for the discharge of its functions

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4. The norms set by DPS for the discharge of its functions

The entire operations area of the Plant has been covered under ISO: 9001:2000 Quality Standards. The ISO standards set up the norms for functioning of the entire production area and also that of the allied functions.

Techno-economic norms have been quantified and specified for the total production process covering every department and these norms provide the guidelines for carrying out the different activities. The norms are annually published in the form of ready reference.

The time frame has been specified for each activity under every Standard Operating Practice (SOP) and responsibility for undertaking the activity has also been specified. Regular review by HODs, and at MR level, as well as audit by both Internal as well as Certifying Auditors identify evidences of non-conformities and corrective actions are taken immediately.

Similarly, although not yet covered by the ISO regimen, internal standards and norms have been set up in all departments such as Finance, Materials Management, Projects etc., which lay down the norms for discharge of various functions by all these departments of Durgapur Steel Plant.