Creating Sustainable Incomes

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A sense of hope for future is most important for leading a good life. And at the very center of this hope is having a sustained income -to pay for the basic necessities of life, to invest in the future.

SAIL's endeavours in the area of CSR are targeted to adding value for enriching lives and ensuring a strong future for the beneficiaries. Imparting them with skills that help them lead a better life and sustain their respective generations is a key focus towards creating communities that are in complete control of the time to come. Development of such families through workshops and skill enhancement training programmes has been a major entrepreneurial gesture of the company. SAIL is constantly working to identify various areas where training and help to the communities can be imparted so as to make them self sustaining units that can generate incomes for themselves.

People living in the peripheral area of SAIL's plants/ units are taught skills that will help them to merit more than two square meals a day. These programmes promote rural savings and credit, natural resource management, village infrastructure development, increased agricultural productivity through better management of resources and intensive cropping, and skill development and enhancement of the community.

During the last three years, SAIL has provided vocational training to around 44,000 people in and around SAIL Plants/units

Ancillary Development

Good suppliers are intangible assets to any organization. Ancillary industries are not only suppliers of materials but are also extremely important source of information with regard to market conditions, price trends and the general industrial climate.

SAIL has been developing ancillary industries from as early as 1978. SAIL started ancillarisation with 31 units on record. On an average the company has been adding 45 units annually thus creating employment for nearly 800 people each year. To promote ancillary industries SAIL has been supporting these industries by providing land, supply of potable water and other infrastructure facilities, consultation for developing the industry, publication of printed matter to inform the entrepreneurs of SAIL's requirements, special exhibitions of parts and drawings to get the exact specifications and ideas, exemption from paying EMD, security deposit etc. SAIL also provides handling equipment to these industries on hire basis, testing facilities providing available raw materials for manufacture, etc. In recognition of its promotion of ancillarisation and actively developing industries in the Chattisgarh region, the Government of Madhya Pradesh had conferred the prestigious 'Sahayak Udyag Mitra' award on Bhilai Steel Plant in 1997. Bhilai was the first organization to be honoured with the award.

Women Upliftment

In all SAIL Plants, Mahila Samities have been formed since inception. The members of the Samities are spouses of the employees. Spouses of MDs, EDs etc are also a member of Mahila Samities. A lot of work is being done for the society by these Samities. The various activities being performed by the samities includes :

  • women empowerment and development
  • community welfare activities
  • assistance during natural calamities
  • manufacturing products for general use in plants
  • providing assistance to women belonging to economically weaker section etc
  • providing vocational training to women
  • facilitating access to education for needy girl children

Creating Sustainable Incomes

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